Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Box Arrives...

I got an unexpected surprise this afternoon. When I got home form work, there on my porch, sat a large box full of All the King's Men stuff. Combined withthe haul from Mcon, here is my pile of pewtery goodness (plus some plasticy goodness too).

The "Project" begins...

Starting on the top row, left ot right, is a Lemax rail fence, two Lemax trees, a couple of Battlezone hills, Armies in Plastic Woodland Indians #2, and another Lemax tree. A rock wall sits infront of the hills.

British Line
On the next row are two packs of platic dead soldiers, a six pounder canon, a bag glass beads and a bag of three dozen dice (12 red, yellow and green). 

On the third row are the Queen's Legion comprised of (left to right) battalion men, hussars/dragoons, their horses, the general, light infantry, and lastly, the converged grenadiers and highlanders.

On the bottom row are the artllerists, line infantry, general, grenadiers and finaly the light infantry.

Now, since I had my camera handy with a ring flash and macro lens, I shot pix of a grenadier and line infantry figure to show the quality of these figures.

So now the work really begins. These figures are very cleanly cast. Little flash or mold lines. The most filing to be done is on the bottom of the base to make sure that I get a good bond to the Litko plywood bases I'll be using. A few of the figures have separte heads and arms so there will a little pinning an epoxying. Horses and will be pinned and epoxied to both rider and stand.

My plan is to completely assemble the mounted figures before painting. The light infantry, since they are in shooting poses will have the heads and bodies painted before assembly. This is because the rifles are too close to the head to get a brush in there.

As I sit here writing this, a strategy for painting is coursing through my head. I need to think it through and get it settled in my brain before I commit to writting.

My next entry will be on the priming, painting, and finishing methods I plan to use.

All the King's Men British Grenadiers straight out of the bag


  1. Glad everything arrived safe, and you like it all, Ray. My advice on attaching heads is to file back the peg underneath at the neck and dry fitting them onto bodies until chins overhang collars suitably. To attach, drop a ball of putty in a neck hole and push a head in. The putty should rise to fill any gaps. Pull out a head to remove any excess putty and try again. To "seal the deal" apply a drop of superglue at the joint. The glue super-activates the putty, so no need to hold by hand.

  2. I'm starting with the Queen's Rangers. Since the Battion men and Grenadiers are marching, the heads can be attached before painting without fear of getting in the way of painting anything. What kind of putty? Epoxy (i.e. "green stuff")?

  3. I used a ball of green stuff to attach the trumpet arm to my light infantry musician. I started the light infantry unit a little while ago, but am taking a break right now. Coats, shoes, hats, flesh, and cartridge boxes done so far...